Instructions for posters authors

Some details about the presentation of posters.
During the poster slam each author will have one minute (!) and one slide to
present the content of the poster. The chair Syd Bauman, who has great
experience in this regard, will take care of the organization of this rapid
carousel :-).

At the poster session following the slam conference participants will visit
your poster (in paper) and you can present the details to those interested.
The poster expositor we are hired ar for 70×100 cm portrait posters and you
can attach the poster to the surface with double-sided tape (or similar) so if
you want to reuse it, it’s better to laminate it or use a very glossy paper.
No other requirement.

There will be tables and AC sources near each poster so you can have
presentation to show in a laptop.

The poster session will last from 12:30 to 13:30 on Thursday morning. But if
you wish and if you do not participate to any SIG meeting you can stay at your
poster place also in the afternoon.

As for the poster set up, exhibitors will be ready early in the morning, so
you can use the time slot of the morning sessions (or even before if you wake
up early…) and of coffee break to prepare everything.

Looking forward to meet you all in Roma!!