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TEI Conference and Members Meeting 2013: October 2-5, Rome (Italy)


1.  Hotel Laurentia (3 stars): Largo degli Osci, 65.

Special rates for the TEI Conference members at the link http://www.hotellaurentia.com/index.php?hotel_id=2&ref_site=197&page=&ref_event=135.

2.  Ateneo Garden Palace (4 stars): Via dei Salentini, 1/3.

Special rates for the TEI Conference members at the link http://www.ateneorome.com/index.php?hotel_id=4&ref_site=198&page=&ref_event=136.

3.  Best Western Globus Hotel (3 stars): Viale Ippocrate, 119 – 00161 Rome.

Click on http://www.globushotel.info/en/home-page.aspx and insert the code TEIROME2013 where it asks Have you got a Promotion Code or a Corporate Account? to visualize the special rates for the TEI Conference members.

4.  Casa dell’Aviatore: accomodation with two different addresses, (1) Viale dell’Università, 20 - 00185 and (2) Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 42 - 00161 Rome.

We inform our guests that no more rooms are available in Casa dell’Aviatore. Further reservations are therefore possible only in case that some of the previous requests are cancelled.
Thank you for your comprehension and cooperation! 

To make a reservation, please send an email with your details (see below) to the following address: teiconf2013@gmail.com.

You will receive confirmation by e-mail to the address used to contact us.

Personal details:

  • Surname: ……….
  • Name: ……….
  • Location: Viale dell’Università/Via Lazzaro Spallanzani
  • Type of Room: Single/Double/Triple
  • Single Room: Yes/No
  • Double Room: Yes/No
  • Triple Room: Yes/No
  • Check-in Date: ……….
  • Check-out Date: ……….

Room Rates (per night):

Viale dell’Università, 20




From Monday to Thursday

€ 80,00

€ 110,00

€ 120,00

From Friday to Sunday

€ 70,00

€ 95,00

€ 120,00

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 42




From Monday to Sunday

€ 70,00

€ 95,00


Attention! The Website of Casa dell’Aviatore is not available in English. To check its location, take a look at the map.

5.  B&B Abbraccia Morfeo: Via Capua, 24 – 00177 Rome.

Phone numbers: +39  3478158808; +39  0645436482.